Judicial Foreclosure Lawsuit Strategy

We offer the judicial foreclosure defense lawsuit packages you need to stop the foreclosure without an attorney. Our lawsuit package will help you get the evidence on the record you need to file a lawsuit against the judge when he tries to help the attorneys steal your property. The lawsuit packages contain everything you need to stop the foreclosure and sue the judge for helping the attorneys.

Our, goal is to help you learn how to do whatever it takes to stay in your home, without an attorney, and without spending thousands of dollars.

We provide legal documents and group coaching to make this a smart option for your situation. You will learn how to stop the foreclosure yourself with strategies that keep you out of their court.

Judicial Foreclosure Lawsuit Strategy

When financial difficulties and unforeseen events place you in a costly foreclosure lawsuit, the time and money needed to hire an attorney can be overwhelming. Let our team at Advocates For Justice Services provide you with the means to stop your foreclosure.

Our judicial foreclosure lawsuit strategy package includes the tools you need to create an effective game plan to get control of your foreclosure process.

Our packages include step-by-step instructional videos that will walk you through the process, show you what documents to file first and what obstacles you may encounter.

Our 5.5-Million-dollar lawsuit packages contain the documents you need to sue the attorney who signed to start the foreclosure. These packages also contain the documents you need to block the eviction process.

Property investors can use our new foreclosure defense online course to defend their rental properties that are facing foreclosure.

This new online course is perfect for the business entrepreneur who dreams of having a paralegal service helping others save their homes from foreclosure.
To learn more about the foreclosure defense online course, go to the product page and scroll down to the bottom of the page to the link to the online course. Click on the link and you will be taken over to teachable.com to see more information.
In addition to these effective tools that will bring you the confidence and knowledge to stop your foreclosure, we include the instructional videos for each lawsuit package, over 180 non-conventional foreclosure defense videos and strategies to help you take control today.

With our judicial foreclosure lawsuit defense packages, you can save both time and money, while equipping yourself with the knowledge to effectively stop the foreclosure process without an attorney.

Paralegal Services

To order your judicial foreclosure lawsuit strategy package, you will need to know if you are facing a judicial, non-judicial foreclosure, or a tax lien foreclosure. Follow the link to our website and add the package you need to your cart. Once the order is finalized you will be prompted to download the zip file. You will not be able to open the zip file on your phone. When you open the zip file it is important to copy and paste the document in a new word to personalize it so it can be saved in a different file. If you forget to make a new word document when you close the original document back into the zip file, the changes will not be saved.

Our team of advocates is committed to providing you with the best paralegal help in the event of a foreclosure. We understand that being treated unfairly in these situations can feel discouraging, and our team is ready to help you stop your foreclosure.

Give us a call at (913) 240-0227 to learn more about our strategy packages and additional services.