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Take Charge with the Traffic Ticket DIY Lawsuit Package!

Empower yourself to challenge traffic tickets with our exclusive Traffic Ticket DIY Lawsuit Package:

Half-price sale for a limited time – seize the opportunity now! Uncover the violations of due process and the separation clause by the issuing officer. Take control of your legal rights and potentially overturn your ticket.

Civil Rights Package Contains Essential Tools to:

Prove breach of duty by the defendant without an injured party. Highlight police department’s procedures violating citizens’ rights. Address defendants’ actions in the scope of employment. Document breach of duty causing substantial damages. Invoke the Tucker Act to waive immunity for rights violations. Challenge invalidity of statutes and ordinances under state constitution mandates. Reclaim state citizenship for “Do not detain list” benefits. Demand $2.5 million in sanctions. Establish agency liability for alleged constitutional violations. Demonstrate the person causing the injury was acting under state law.

Package Includes:

Traffic Ticket 42 U.S.C. Sec. 1983 Civil Rights Lawsuit document. 42 U.S.C. Civil Lawsuit Restraining Order. Demand to strike attorney’s notice of appearance. Notice of Default document. USA Affidavit Of State Citizenship. Unlimited access to 270+ YouTube legal training videos.

Traffic Ticket Lawsuit Package: 42 1983 Civil Rights DIY Lawsuit Package

Traffic Court California: Use My New Traffic Ticket Lawsuit package – 42 -1983 Civil Rights Lawsuit Package to take control of your speeding ticket trial without a lawyer in your way. Learn how to sue the state attorney for a red light camera violation from driving distracted. My new legal service can help you fight using laws to beat the contest citation. Beat your traffic in California court and sue the cops. Get control today with your Traffic Ticket Lawsuit Package – 42 – 1983 lawsuit package.

Paralegal School:

In this paralegal program, you will learn how to hold the players liable in federal and state court and how to attack the B.A.R. Members for the fraudulent court processes and local rules that are not in harmony with the constitution. Therefore, we don’t need to hear all the stuff that happened in their conventional program. This package will allow you to file a civil claim against the players for violating your rights with the illegal court processes and procedures used to help the attorneys jump on you in court. This Traffic Ticket 42 – 1983 civil rights lawsuit has a strategy for when the judge helps the attorneys.

The Following Fatal Flaws Blocked the Traffic Court’s Jurisdiction:

The police officer violated the Separation Clause in the Constitution when he/she signed the summons (ticket) for the plaintiff to appear in court.
The illegal signing caused a “Due Process” violation when the court proceeded with the court processes and local rules.
The players in the court all have a conflict of interest because the same corporation is paying them all.
There is no injured party, and the officer violated the Constitution and therefore has no credibility to testify.
The prosecutor has no witness.
Ordinances and statutes are not valid laws because they do not have the three elements the state constitution mandates must be present to be a valid law.