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Can A State Judge Steal Your House For Himself?

May 27, 2021
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Can a state court judge that ruled to give your property to the attorneys have his mail sent to the house like he is the new owner?

Shammell Maxwell, a member of our foreclosure rescue private Facebook page stopped the foreclosure of her Dad’s house in S.C. 3 times. The family was later evicted based on a fraudulent tax lien. Once the foreclosure was blocked the property was moved over to the illegal property tax court and sold, without notification to the owners and without due process of law. The player’s were in such a hurry to steal the property they failed to check to see if the property tax were paid, and they were in fact paid. Shamell filed her lawsuit against Joeseph M. Strickland, and the judge returned the process of service, claiming it was not file stamped. The lawsuit was not filed stamped at that time due to the fact the supervisor clerk was named in the lawsuit, and she (Marci) refused to file the lawsuit against Judge Joeseph M. Strictland, and the S.C. B.A.R. Association in her attempt to cover up the real estate deed fraud and the theft of her Dad’s house. Maxwell had her title dispute filed in the federal court that proves the state court did not have jurisdiction to continue the foreclosure, of illegal tax lien foreclosure process.


Now Maxwell is receiving mail with the Judge’s name at the address as if he is the new owner. Maxwell is in the process of contacting the Attorney General’s Office to demand an investigation into the judge’s illegal Rico operation.

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Foreclosure Court Fraud.

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