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South Carolina’s Foreclosure Judge Joseph M. Strickland Has Personal Mail Going To Foreclosed Property.

June 14, 2021
A person is drawing on the wall of their home.
Can A Judge In South Carolina Steal Foreclosure Property In His Court?

Shamell Maxwell stopped the sale of her dad’s house twice in judge Strickland’s court. Shamell’s dad Johnny Hawkins filed his “wrongful foreclosure/breach of contract title dispute (lawsuit) in the federal court for 5.5 Million dollars. Mr. Hawkins provided the federal court documents to judge Strickland. The judge ignored the federal lawsuit and proceeded with the real estate deed fraud in case number Case No. 2018-CP-40-0057 filed in Richland County So. Carolina. Mr. Hawkin’s filed his jurisdictional challenge with an affidavit. Mr. Hawkin’s also challenged the fact The “Master Of Equity” is not a legal judge. The master of equity is a b.a.r. a member appointed to assist the State in stealing property from folks who cannot afford to hire an attorney.

A person is drawing on the wall of their home.


Mr. Strickland did not have jurisdiction to steal Mr. Hawkins’s property. Mr. Hawkins and his family were evicted after stopping the illegal foreclosure. It appears Mr. Strickland moved Hawkins blocked foreclosure case over to the delinquent property tax court, and proceeded with the illegal foreclosure in the property tax court.

Mr. Strickland proceeded with deliberate indifference to the law and failed to check if the property tax had been paid. The fact is the property taxes were in fact paid in full. Mr. Strickland returned the lawsuit that was filed against him in the state court claiming it was not filed stamped. Mr. Strickland directed clerk supervisor Marcie to refuse to file the lawsuit. The State court refused to file Mr. Hawkins’s counter-claim lawsuit in the foreclosure case to protect the judge and the attorney who are guilty of real estate deed fraud and tax evasion, violation of the “administration procedures act. of 1946, and the foreign agent registration act of 1938. These are Federal Law violations whereby, Strickland did not have legal standing to be a judge, to rule in Hawkins’s foreclosure case, or to have his personal mail mailed to Hakwins’s property. It would appear the “Master Of Equity” is hired by the state to facilitate foreclosures for the state of South Carolina.

Mr. Strickland was finally served last week, and the lawsuit against him was filed in Hawkins’s Lawsuit in the Federal Court. Mr. Hawkins’s legal team is in the process of preparing his real estate deed fraud claim to be filed against the state of So. Carolina. The state real estate property transfer statute mandates the property deed is to be delivered to the homeowner, however that did not happen. The b.a.r. members did what they call a “constructive delivery” of the property deed and registered it in their office to allow the illegal mortgage scheme to proceed.

Attached is a copy the unsigned lawsuit Hawkins’s filed

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  1. Barbara M Britt

    June 16, 2021

    Judge Strickland did me wrong too. Please call me tomorrow at 803-960-6161
    Thank you
    Barbara M. Britt

    • pwsadmin

      June 16, 2021

      Hi, Barbara
      Head over to my website at winincourtnow and get the lawsuit package to match the type of foreclosure you faced.

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