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Introducing the first and only 42 USC Sec. 1983 foreclosure defensive solution you have been waiting for. This new strategy is an alternative to the conventional foreclosure defense program structured by the attorneys trying to steal your property. This lawsuit package is for homeowners who have been violated by the attorneys, and want to take matters into their own hands but don’t know where to start. 42 USC 1983 Civil Rights Foreclosure Offensive lawsuit package can help with your legal action lawsuit without an attorney or lawyers in your way. Protect your right file your section 1983 remedies suit by using 42 USC 1983 training youtube civil rights video. Prove deliberate indifference to get damages for civil rights violations. Train from our 42 USC 1983 video and file a claim for 42 USC 1983 violation and take control today.

The dilemma for homeowners is the court processes, and procedures, are unfair and violate your right to due process. Homeowners lose in foreclosure court all the time here is why. Homeowners do not hold the court liable for violating their constitutional rights with the illegal court process that is not in harmony with the constitution.

My new breakthrough in the foreclosure offense will help you stop the foreclosure without an attorney and without draining your bank account. Now you can file a 42 USC sec. 1983 civil rights lawsuit and take control in the federal court. This lawsuit package could be the most important foreclosure offensive breakthrough ever discovered and it’s not available in the attorney’s office

This package is a great option for folks facing Non- Judicial foreclosure. This package will allow you to sue the lender and attorneys before they sell your house. Scroll down to learn more!

File civil lawsuit pro-se with the help of a foreclosure defense paralegal attorneys hate. Stop non-judicial foreclosure before the sale date file a civil rights lawsuit in federal. Stop the foreclosure process

Here is what you get in this package:

This package has been upgraded as of 5-24-23:

  1. The package contains the following documents
    1. 2023 42 USC 1983 foreclosure lawsuit
    2. 2-Demand for sanctions
    3. Demand to strike attorneys notice of appearance.
    4. 2-notice of default.
    5. Getting in the ring strategy.
    6. USA Affidavit of state citizenship.
    7. Diplomatic Immunity.
    8. Notice of claim letter for return of your deed.
    9. Summary judgment.
    10. Demand to vacate the judgment.
    11. legal malpractice
  2. You will also receive unlimited access to 570+ Youtube legal updated instructional and training videos.


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42 USC 1983 Foreclosure Lawsuit Package Stops Non-Judicial And Judicial Foreclosures

The best way to protect your property is to sue the party that signed to start the illegal foreclosure process, the state that committed real estate deed fraud to get the mortgage lien perfected, and the judge who is paid by the state to give take your property without an injured party or damage to property. Now you will be filing a federal lawsuit against the real players trying to steal your property, and not some fake lender.

This package will allow you to stop a Non-Judicial or Judicial foreclosure because we have learned through trial and error that we must sue the players for the state’s-day-to day procedures that violated your due process and lined you up in their administrative court to be violated again.

This problem started when the state committed real estate deed fraud by failing to deliver your property deed to you as mandated in the state’s property transfer statute. The registration of your property deed allowed the B.A.R. members (players) to file the first illegal lien against your property.

The first illegal lien was the mortgage lien, and the reason it was illegal is that if there were several people who owned the property all of the owners would need to be present to sign a lien right, so the fact the alleged lender accepted your signature on the mortgage lien proves that you already owned the property, do you smell stink!

We do not argue their lie’s anymore!

You will not have to answer their complaint when you file your lawsuit against them in state and federal court. Now you can address the illegal court process most don’t think about until it’s almost too late. Get the 42 USC 1983 foreclosure defense civil rights lawsuit package so you can take control today.

How This Works:

You must review the description and documents of the lawsuit packages we have and decide which lawsuit package will work best for you. Then you can go to my youtube channel and search for the instructional video playlist. In the instructional video playlist chose the instructional video that closely matches the lawsuit package you invested in to study. Please also study the updated instructional videos that are in the instructional video playlist. The updated instructional video outlines how to use the 42 USC 1983 lawsuit package and many other correction updates we have made to reflect the new path of addressing the state’s day-to-day process they cannot change or cover-up.

I upgraded this package to contain my new “Demand To Strike The Attorneys Notice Of Appearance” legal coaches are using to stop the court process at the gate!

This 400.00 value is absolutely free and should be the first punch you deliver. This document alone will stop the court process and allows you enough time to study the 4 or 5 videos you need to learn. You don’t need to learn all 500.00 videos, and if you are in a hurry please pass up this offer.

When You Invest In My Program:

When you invest in my program you are making an investment into the zip file of educational material you receive at the email address connected to the credit card used at checkout. Sometimes the zip file is emailed to your spam folder, so please check there if you do not find the zip file.

The coaching, and admission to the private Facebook coaching group are not included as a part of the lawsuit packages. If you are a rookie here, you will receive coaching via Facebook messenger until I feel like you understand our objective. If you don’t have Facebook, get it if you want to receive coaching support for using my products. I do not coach on my phone, or via email. The added value of coaching is at my discretion.

Thank you for your trust and your investment.

Coach N.

P.S. Get to work!


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Here is a link to my Prosecutor Eliminator lawsuit package: https://winincourtnow.com/product/civil-rights-lawsuit/
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