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Time To Do It Yourself!

We are introducing a new twist on the conventional criminal defense program.

Now you can file your civil rights lawsuit against the state or federal prosecutors attacking you without an injured party. This package includes a sanction motion to jam the prosecutor/attorney getting in your face for failure to do a “reasonable pre-filing investigation before filing the charges. The sanction motion is like a mini lawsuit in court action; you will be coming to the table for 20- million or in sanction or whatever you choose. This is just the beginning of the slick-ass stuff you will learn in my programs.


This civil rights lawsuit will allow you to sue the person who signed to initiate the prosecution or civil action without an injured party. This non-conventional strategy stops the court process because the judge cannot rule in a case; he/she is a party.


Your first punch will be your demand for a sanctions document to destroy the prosecutor’s case.





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Stop Living In Fear!

Get this Prosecutor eliminator criminal offense 42 USC 1983 lawsuit package and take control of the illegal criminal prosecution.

42 USC 1983 Lawsuit:

The Prosecutor Eliminator CRIMINAL OFFENSE 42 USC 1983 lawsuit will Jam up the criminal prosecutor with the new 3.5-million-dollar demand for sanction for violating the rule outlined in the request. These 42 USC 1983 lawsuits are civil lawsuits you will file in the prosecutor’s criminal case against you.

This 42 USC 1983 criminal Offense lawsuit is structured to stop a state or federal prosecutor from attacking you with criminal charges without an injured party. Now you have the option of handling your legal situation pro- se, without a criminal defense attorney or criminal defense lawyer.

File your claim in the criminal case.

File your criminal offense 42 USC 1983 civil rights act of 1964 lawsuit in the federal court to protect your civil right and your civil liberties with my civil rights lawsuit package. This civil package will help you take control in civil court and stop civil action in civil court. This lawsuit package will allow you to take control without a civil rights lawyer or civil attorney blocking you from controlling civil lawyers in civil litigation.

Due Process

This criminal offense 42 USC 1983  lawsuit package allows you to sue the players for their illegal court process and procedures they used to violate your right to due process. Now the focus is on the government process instead of the government’s lies. When there is no injured party, the judge has no jurisdiction to sign on to further the case in court. The prosecutor signed to move the dispute into court and therefore is liable for your damages caused by their illegal court processes. The state or federal government is the corporation paying the judge to rule where the judge does not have the legal authority, and the state or federal government is the corporation bringing the fraudulent charges forward in their administrative court.

The 42 USC 1983 Lawsuit Package:

Today is your lucky day if a prosecutor attacks you without an injured party. This new non-conventional civil rights lawsuit package has the firepower and deadly strategy you need to stop being a defendant. This 42 USC 1983 civil rights lawsuit package is structured so you can file your federal lawsuit against the prosecutor who initiated the illegal charges, the person who signed on in court to govern the illegal court process, and the corporation who paid all of the above. The judge has a conflict of interest and accepts civil liability for signing on to the case without an injured party or citing a valid law to provide jurisdiction to the court.

 Power Punching:

This civil rights lawsuit package was structured to file a 3.5 sanction motion in their state case is like filing a mini lawsuit right in the prosecutor’s criminal action against your freedom without the need to jump through the hoops of serving the parties or paying to file a lawsuit in the state court process.

What makes this package unique is you will use the sanction- a mini lawsuit to force the prosecutor to dismiss the case, then you will use the unique lawsuit to file for the 5.5 Million you deserve for the false arrest.

This criminal offense lawsuit package is designed to defend yourself against the government dragging you into court without an injured party. The sanction motion is like a mini counterclaim in action against you. You can file this without paying filing fees.

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You will receive

  1. Prosecutors Lawsuit Package (contains the sanction motion).
  2. The New TRO to block the state from receiving federal funding.
  3. The New motion for summary judgment.
  4. The Affidavit Of State Citizenship
  5. The diplomatic Immunity package. This package contains around 15 legal documents that will help you take control, and this package comes with legal coaching in my Facebook study group.
  6. Facebook study group:

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