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The Register Of Deeds Association Real Estate Deed Fraud

February 20, 2024

The Register of Deeds Association real estate deed fraud plays a crucial role in the state’s illegal foreclosure real estate scheme. This association is responsible for maintaining and preserving public records related to property ownership and transactions. The Register of Deeds Association committed real estate deed fraud when they failed to follow the state property transfer law and deliver your property deed to your property to be stored in your family Bible. The players did what they call “a constructive delivery” and registered your property deed in their office, to allow the alleged lender to place the fake mortgage lien against your property. The alleged mortgage loan was created with your signature, the register of Deeds Corporation is the first step that starts the mortgage fraud. Once your property is registered, they create a copy of the deed and mail you after your property is registered and re-classified for the sole purpose of additional illegal taxation and unlawful code enforcement. They claim to protect the integrity of the public record and protect the rights of property owners. lol

“The Register of Deeds association claims one of the primary responsibilities of the Kansas Register of Deeds Association is to record and index various legal documents, including real estate deeds, mortgages, and liens. These documents are essential for establishing ownership, transferring property, and securing loans. The association helps create a transparent and reliable system that facilitates property transactions by recording these documents into the public record.” These people have no sense if they think we are buying those lies! Another important association task is providing access to these recorded documents. They provide access to all the dirty b. a. r. the member who has nothing better to do but steal from families.

They maintain an online database where dirty b. a. r. members can search and retrieve information about property ownership and history and attack the property with a fake assignment from the bank. This accessibility is crucial for the state to take control of your property because they have the original property deed. The research also shows the Kansas Register of Deeds Association claims to play a vital role in preventing mortgage fraud and foreclosure eviction.”

The association states by recording a document into the public record, property owners can establish their rights a protect themselves from fraudulent activities. This step is especially important in the face of increasing cases of real estate deed fraud.

In conclusion, the Kansas Register of Deeds Association plays a critical role in real estate deed fraud that leads to mortgage fraud and illegal foreclosure processes. The actual registration without a law requirement is real estate deed fraud!

“The goal of the corporation is to maintain the integrity of the state’s real estate records. Their responsibilities include recording and indexing legal documents, providing access to these records, and safeguarding property owners from fraud and foreclosure. Their work ensures transparency and trust in the real estate industry.” What a crock of crap!

This clearly shows that the state is the corporation stealing your property using their master scheme from the gate. Their conventional legal processes were structured by them for you to follow, while they rob you blind, and throw your family out into the streets. My program will help you punch these fools up in the face!

In my program you will add the state, and these fools to your 42 USC 1983 legal claim, or to your counterclaim (if you have time to play), and the judge because the judge has a conflict of interest since he/she is paid by the state, and you will add the bar member who signed to innate the dispute. When you understand the facts, you see a different path!


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