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Empower Against Foreclosure & Criminal Charges!

Stop Foreclosure: Challenge the Lender: Demand to Strike Attorney’s Appearance. Protect Your Rights: Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) for Due Process. Shift Focus: Notice of Recusal exposes shared liability.

Fight Criminal Charges: Prosecutor Accountability: File lawsuits for Due Process. 42 USC 1983 Lawsuit: Defend Civil Rights federally.
Handle Case Pro Se: Navigate Legal System.
Focus on Due Process:
Challenge Illegal Procedures. Hold Prosecutors Accountable.
Gain Control: Instructional Videos: Detailed YouTube guides. Optional Coaching: Additional Support.

Invest in Your Future: Protect Property, Rights, & Freedom.

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Criminal Prosecutor DIY Lawsuit Package

The Legal Documents You Will Receive:

  1. 2025 42 USC Prosecutor- Traffic Lawsuit Document.
  2. Koy 2025 Demand To Strike Document.
  3. 2025 Prosecutor Sanction No Criminal Jurisdiction.
  4. New Inventory Notice To Recuse The Judge.
  5. Temporary Restraining Order- To Block Federal Funding.
  6. Legal Mal-Practice Lawsuit.
  7. Diplomatic Immunity PDF
  8. Affidavit Of Citizenship Document.
  9. Ring Strategy.

Our non-conventional legal strategies work when you sue the government, the judge, or the prosecutor who dragged you into their illegal administrative court. This revolutionary DIY lawsuit package will stop the criminal process by adding the players who signed to start the dispute to their administrative process. We force them to be plaintiffs, yep, there is no difference when you add a defendant right?
These are kinds of limitations most of us were indoctrinated to believe blocked us from taking charge of our legal destiny. Now everyone can learn how to stop the administrative court process that violated our process.
We add the players to the court process as additional plaintiffs, via counterclaim, or using the demand for 3.5 million in the sanctions document included in most of the lawsuit packages. We have other documents we use to block the need to answer their criminal lawsuit process. The federal rules of civil procedure dictate under answering, if one has defenses, you are not required to provide an answer to their legal action. The government players must get past your legal documents to move forward.
Bar members are not allowed to litigate a case they are a party to, they can represent themselves, and they can represent other members of the same law firm
People must understand that criminal statutes are not valid laws. There is no such thing as criminal law, everything is civil!
Can you file criminal charges against government workers?
The answer is yes, and we have that integrated into the criminal prosecutor DIY Lawsuit Package. The Little Tucker’s Act

Instructional Videos: Access detailed video guides on YouTube to understand how to use the program effectively.
Optional Coaching: Consider additional coaching support for a deeper understanding of the legal strategies (available for purchase).

Invest in Your Future:

Protect your property, your rights, and your freedom with this comprehensive program.

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