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Ultimate Defense Package!

Elevate your defense with our reinforced legal package:

  1. Demand to Strike Notice of Appearance: Expose the attorney’s non-registration under the Foreign Agent Registration Act, revealing potential fraud.
  2. Special TRO Against Municipal Court: Constitution-backed move blocking federal funding for due process or constitutional violations.
  3. Notice of Recusal: Shift the battleground to state court, compelling shared liability acknowledgment.

Prosecutor Eliminator DIY Lawsuit Package:

  • Halt criminal court proceedings, take action against due process violations.
  • Perfect for entrepreneurs setting up legal businesses or leasing legal teams.
  • Invest in our foreclosure offensive online legal courses for proven unconventional strategies.



This package has been beefed up with the three documents I’m filing in my multiple court case. I re-structured the demand to strike the attorney’s notice of appearance to address the fact the attorney is not registered as a foreign agent, as per the Foreign Agent Registration Act. The Foreign Agent’s Registration Act is a federal law that requires B. A. R. members to disclose information that would reveal the true nature of the attorney’s fraudulent intent. These new documents will be added to the mortgage fraud package and the prosecutor eliminator DIY lawsuit package to increase the knockdown power. The special TRO I’m using against the municipal court is structured to block the state from receiving federal funding if they are violating due process or the 5th Amendment of the constitution. The power for this punch is rooted in the spending clause of the constitution that allows the federal government to block all federal funding when the citizens are being violated.

  1. The demand to strike the notice of appearance is structured to attack the judge in my case, you can adjust the document to attack the attorney, the judge, and or both crooks at the same time.
  2. The TRO is required (according to their rules) to force the judge to force the judge to address the issues of the non-registration situation.
  3.  The third document is the Notice of Recusal which demands that the case be moved to the state court. We are not going to litigate anything on the state court level, we are just doing that to force them to visualize their shared liability. This is the final punch for the state court judge, in my case, lol.



The prosecutor Eliminator DIY lawsuit package will help you stop the criminal court and file several actions against the government players for due process violations. The Prosecutor DIY lawsuit package is a legal tool for normal people to use to sue the prosecutor before the indictment process is complete. This lawsuit package is perfect for entrepreneurs starting a legal business or structuring their legal team to lease out to help others. Invest in my foreclosure offensive online legal courses and learn the unconventional legal strategies you need to start your legal serviced business. Visit my website at winincourtnow.com and invest in the package today. If you are facing an indictment, or have already been convicted, you need to get this Prosecutor eliminator criminal offense 42 USC 1983 lawsuit package to take control of the illegal criminal prosecution. Don’t wait until you are a prisoner before you act.

42 USC 1983 Lawsuit:

The Prosecutor DIY CRIMINAL OFFENSE 42 USC 1983 lawsuit will Jam up the criminal prosecutor with two completely different 3.5-million-dollar demands for sanction for violating the rule outlined in the request, and one sanction demand challenges the court’s lack of jurisdiction without an injured party or damaged property. The demand for 3.5 million in sanctions is like a mini lawsuit you file in the prosecutor’s case without the need to pay filing fees. After you are done punching the prosecutor with the demands for sanction you will file the e42 USC federal lawsuit in the state court case against you as a counterclaim, after you add the state, the judge, and the prosecutor to your counterclaim. Once you add the players to their illegal action against you will need to file your 42 USC 1983 claim in the federal court and order the federal court judge to demand settlement hearings because the state players could not answer your demands for sanctions, or the counterclaim because they cannot litigate a case, they are a party to, and they can’t represent themselves. The bigger challenge the players will have been finding a new judge.

These 42 USC 1983 lawsuits are civil lawsuits you will file in the prosecutor’s criminal case against you.

This 42 USC 1983 criminal Offense lawsuit is structured to stop a state or federal prosecutor from attacking you with criminal charges without an injured party. Now you have the option of handling your legal situation pro- se, without a criminal defense attorney or criminal defense lawyer.

File your claim in the criminal case.

File your criminal offense 42 USC 1983 civil rights act of 1964 lawsuit in the federal court to protect your civil right and your civil liberties with my civil rights lawsuit package. This civil package will help you take control in civil court and stop civil action in civil court. This lawsuit package will allow you to take control without a civil rights lawyer or civil attorney blocking you from controlling civil lawyers in civil litigation.

Due Process

This criminal offense 42 USC 1983 lawsuit package allows you to sue the players for their illegal court process and procedures they used to violate your right to due process. Now the focus is on the government process instead of the government’s lies. When there is no injured party, the judge has no jurisdiction to sign on to further the case in court. The prosecutor signed to move the dispute to court and therefore is liable for your damages caused by their illegal court processes. The state or federal government is the corporation paying the judge to rule where the judge does not have the legal authority, and the state or federal government is the corporation bringing the fraudulent charges forward in their administrative court.


Your goal here is to sue the state of federal players and stop their court process and use them in the federal court. In the federal court, you will demand the federal court judge order a settlement hearing based on the fact the state player could not respond to your state challenges, and therefor

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