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Original price was: $3,000.00.Current price is: $1,500.00.

This special lawsuit package will help you address the illegal activity that took place after you left the table the signing table. They can’t argue these facts without committing political suicide and smashing the judge’s world! Take Control Now!

This mortgage fraud foreclosure offensive DIY lawsuit addresses the mortgage loan’s illegal path and the due process violation caused by the state’s day-to-day procedures. Learn how to sue for the why they were able to violate you, not the what!

A gavel and paper that says mortgage fraud.
This Is What You Need!

This Mortgage Fraud Foreclosure Offense DIY Lawsuit Package Is Revolutionary!

The mortgage fraud DIY lawsuit package addresses the illegal process that took place after you left the signing table. You are claiming six things are missing from the contract the attorneys filed in court.

You state in the lawsuit that one of the sis missing things is an agreement that the lender would do the mortgage loan per the GAAP Accounting principles. The six missing things outline the conspirator’s federal criminal liability, so the other 5 things are not discussed in court.

The mortgage fraud DIY lawsuit package also addresses the 42 USC 1983 due process violation caused by the state’s processes and procedures not being fair and in violation of federal law.

No law forces homeowners to register their deeds in the player’s offices. The illegal registration of the deed allowed the first illegal lien to be placed on the property.

Think of it this way, if there were several owners of the property all of the owners would need to be present to sign the mortgage lien, right? So, the fact the alleged lender accepted the homeowner’s signature on the lien shows the homeowner already owned the property and do you smell stink? lol.

The players cannot respond to our documents in the mortgage fraud foreclosure DIY lawsuit package.

Expose Loopholes: Identify potential due process violations in attorney processes used against you. Take Control: Learn strategies to gain control of the attorney’s foreclosure case in state court before potentially escalating to federal court.

This lawsuit package is undefeated, and you must study the updated instructional videos on my YouTube Channel, and the original instructional video to learn how to use the lawsuit documents in the package.


Our non-conventional legal strategies work when you sue the state, the judge, and the attorney, or prosecutor who illegally dragged you into their administrative court.

When you add the players to their claim via counterclaim, and demand for sanction it will crush the entire state process and force the players to lawyer up if they care to proceed.

This strategy works because now none of the players can participate in future litigation, which means the court case is stopped! The players cannot represent themselves, nor can they represent other members of the same law firm.

When you add the players to their claim via counterclaim, and demand for sanction it will crush the entire state process and force the players to lawyer up if they care to proceed.

We focus our civil claim on the corporation’s day-to-day processes and procedures that were not fair and as such violated your right to due process. Now you will be addressing the “why” where there is no arguing, as opposed to the “what” they did which requires arguing.

Click the Buy Now Button and take charge of your legal situation today!



  1. Albert Elijah

    Jul 21, 2023, 6:19 PM (21 hours ago)

    to me, Suzette
    Just wanted to let you know I used your 5.5 Million Dollar Law-Suit Complaint and Got a Default Judgement for 5.5 Million Dollars (for 3 of the 4 that failed to answer – The 2 Attorneys and the Law Firm), and the Federal Court Building mailed me my Default Papers yesterday. I put in my default on the 21st Day and Got it.
    Thank you for being tough on me. I listened and it worked
    Okay, well I did it. I had to file another lawsuit, but I got it done.
    Thank you again, your time was not wasted, I was successful, and hope that makes you happy too! Peace, Love, and Hope! Goodnight!
    San Diego, CA,

  2. Lawrence Jesse

    I don’t know what I would do if it wasn’t for you and your gift of knowledge.
    You give me the courage to send up and fight this no matter what

    Your Motivation is amazing

  3. Madison

    I’m looking forward for more fire 🔥 let’s get it. You definitely the big man for this. You’ve got what it takes to get it done too. I love it. You are gifted.

  4. Walters

    16 minutes ago
    @CoachNeighbors917 I understand how far I can take this and I’m in my bag grinding a sure way to repay you for your divine gifts. Thanks for everything you have endured and continue to shrug off. There are quite a few people that know our story and when they see what I am going to do with your work

  5. Coach Neighbors


    • 3 days ago
    The first time i went to the small magistrate court in my small town in Texas I was very nervous. But I read the filings from the package several times. Next time the Judge appeared nervous not me. Little did he know what my next move is BAM BAM

    @Mr617swagg • 6 days ago
    🔥💪🏾 We get so much hope from this type of energy this is justice. The conventional procedure that those currupt public officials put us through is fraud and you are helping decent hard working Men and women from being victimized by domestic terrorism & Despotism
    Thank you Coach

    the exercise of absolute power, especially in a cruel and oppressive way
    6. Veronica Patton
    This is an awesome package, Coach Neighbors is the best coach. He has the best strategies for the process and procedures. An amazing person and his motivation to help people in their distressed time and worry.

  6. Virginia Noah

    Advocates For Justice Pro-Se Legal School
    June 20, 2022 ·
    Update: This is from Donna Ried;
    Good Morning, we punched them in the face again! The court case to dismiss my counterclaim was scheduled for today at 11am. However, the case was continued for re-assignment of the Judge. (This is Judge number 2 by the way). Punched in the face again by your amazing package. Have a great day.
    #foreclosuredefenselawsuit #ForeclosureDefense #foreclosure

  7. Pamela Samuel

    Jack Butler
    I have bought two packages. I have extensive experience with many lawyers I find 100% are lazy and not effective. These packages would cost MANY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS with a lawyer. They are dynamite. Even if a lawyer knew these things, HE WOULD NOT FILE THIS BECAUSE HE IS A MEMBER OF THE CABAL (BAR). These are structured so that THEY CANNOT ANSWER AND YOUR CLAIMS BECOME FACT.

    • Love

  8. Kathleen Gary

    Jul 11, 2023, 5:28 PM (19 hours ago)

    to me

    All is good now thanks ….boom this shit …

    Prosecutor Elimination Package Review.
    Thanks, I was ready for it. 5 clerks were giving me the run-around. And one said, “You can’t sue for more than 2,500. The most is 3,500”. I wanted to laugh, but I kept it professional. 💯. The last clerk said there’s no court tomorrow, and then she said he’s on the docket, but they do not have court tomorrow. Then the other said yes, they do have court.
    Thanks again for all your help; you really know your shit, man.

    9. New review:
    @markplace3245 • 12 hours ago
    Incredible info… people I know what you are going through… listen to the coach. He is giving information on the direct and absolute target. Where the problem starts where we tear it apart.. everything that happened after that is null and void, and you don’t need to fight it because you destroy them from where the fraud was created…the documents he is providing are the absolute bullet on contact fire spreads and destroys all their paper fraud…we have first-hand knowledge and experience. It will kick butt
    8. @tubeerv
    1 hour ago
    I purchased the Coach’s package some months ago, used it in a state case as the plaintiff’/claimant, and the first thing the other side did was put in some sort of motion to replace the randomly selected judge with somebody THEY named. I can’t know for sure, but that would seem to indicate that the paperwork worried them. That “forum shopped” judge ignored everything and dismissed the case, just as Coach says is usually what happens. I therefore purchased the TRO program, and will be filing it shortly.

  9. Christopher

    Kuroshi Shahrzad recommends Foreclosure Lawsuit DIY Online Course.
    October 22 ·
    Kuroshi Shahrzad recommends Foreclosure Lawsuit DIY Online Course.
    October 22 ·
    I highly recommend this course; you will not find anything else like it!! A+
    I have never felt I had any possible chance of dealing with the foreclosure put on my childhood home. My parents are elderly, and the home already went to the sheriff’s sale. I thought there was nothing we could do but beg the court for the mercy of eviction.
    After studying the YouTube videos, I realize it is the other way around, using these strategies. What these courts are doing is illegal! With their predatory loans, these vendors need to be held accountable for their actions! This course teaches you how to fight back!
    I believe my family has the tools to reclaim what is rightfully ours.
    If you have doubts, watch the YouTube videos more than once until you understand the presented information.

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