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Credit Card Defense Lawsuit Package:

Expose the illegal credit card lawsuit extortion scheme with our groundbreaking Credit Card Defense Lawsuit Package:

Sue the state, judge, and attorney behind illegal third-party debt collection. Comprehensive defense against credit card lawsuits, regardless of the amount. File a powerful counterclaim in their state case, then elevate to federal court for maximum impact.

Your Advantage:

Unleash firepower against the state, attorney, and ruling entities. Counteract their corporate process with fatal flaws exposed. Free online coaching for any unanswered questions.

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Credit Card Offensive Lawsuit Package:

This credit card defense package arms you with the tools to seize control of illegal debt collection attempts. Learn innovative offensive strategies where we hold the B.A.R. member accountable as the primary defendant in your civil claim.

Expose the Truth:

This updated lawsuit package enables you to state a claim with minimal adjustments, revealing the truth behind illegal credit card lawsuit extortion schemes. Sue the state, judge, and attorney responsible for initiating illegal third-party debt collection.

Credit Card Defense Training:

Hold accountable players in federal and state courts, and learn to challenge B.A.R. Members for fraudulent court processes. File civil claims against individuals for violating your rights with illegal court procedures.

What You Get Free!

Receive my state citizenship package to reclaim your state citizenship, removing you from statutory court jurisdiction. Obtain a 5-star passport and protection from police harassment.

Online Coaching:

Access free online coaching via Facebook Messenger for questions not covered in instructional videos.

Fatal Flaws To Their Corporate Process:

Police officers violate the Constitution by signing summonses for plaintiffs.
Illegal signing leads to due process violations.
Conflicts of interest exist among court players.
Lack of injured party undermines credibility.
Prosecutors lack witnesses.
Ordinances and statutes lack validity.

Reduced Price:

Available for $150.00 for the first 10 buyers. Track your progress and potentially become a guest on our live stream.

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