TimeDuration: 1+ Hours (including ½ hr. (Q&A)

This webinar is ideal for

  • Family members trying to get someone home
  • Legal Coaches.
  • Paralegal service providers.
  • Anyone who wants to start a legal coaching business
  • The attorneys who want to help empower people.

Things You'll Learn How To

1. How to stop criminal cases when there is no injured party or damaged property.
2. How to use the calls from jail to force the players to release your people out on bond faster.
3. Why your appeal will never work.
4. The truth about the judge’s immunity lie.
5. Why the federal attorney appointed will not help you.
6. How to fire the federal attorney appointed to protect your rights.
By attending, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and empower yourself to stop the court process and hold the proper parties liable.
Don’t miss out!
Invest in yourself and gain the power and confidence to stop the court process effectively.


Date: May 12, 2024 
Time: 9:00 PM Central Time Duration: 1+ Hours (including ½ hr. Q&A) 
Are you facing criminal charges and prison time when there was no injured party or damaged property?
This webinar will equip you with the facts, tools, and coaching you need to stop the criminal process and get your family released from jail or prison.