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It’s Time To Punch The Attorneys In The Face With Your Harassment Campaign!

October 14, 2021
Two boxers are fighting in a boxing ring.

You guys must communicate with the attorneys and get up in their faces about the crap they are trying to pull because they are sore losers. You are acting at your own attorney therefore you need to be in their ear. You can leave voice scripted voice messages, and email harassing their asses. This is where you get to have fun sticking the facts up in the attorney’s face!

I would email him or call and leave a voice mail. I would let him know someone from your legal team would like to schedule an appointment to come down to their office to review their foreign agent registration documentation required by the foreign agent’s registration Act of 1938.

Let him know that your legal team has informed you the agent is not registered as mandated by Federal law and therefore has no legal standing, which robs the court of jurisdiction!

Let him know that your legal team will be filing the “Notice of Removal” to remove their case over to federal court if they want to keep playing dirty. Tell them you cannot get due process when the judge is dirty!

Tell him “your legal team wants me to sue you for the law firm’s corporate charter so you can have a seat on their board of directors to have a say in making their corporation be nicer to people”

I would ask him, Humm, can my legal team do that to a law firm?????🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

ASK him if you had a seat on the board of directors could you fire him???

Write small scripts to read into their voice mail at some point the liability is spread too thin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would ask him if he paid his taxes for the yr. cause when you sue for his house your legal team doesn’t want to sue him again for the property taxes!

Let them know your legal team will be suing for their assets and your goanna need a list of his assets and he better make sue to include the properties they own in different states.

Tell him you will leave him his car to living in like he was going to do to you. I would let him know you will be donating his house and his wife’s car to the local boys and girls club.

This is when you get to really have fun!

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I am the creator of advocates for Justice Paralegal Service to offer an affordable legal option to folks who do not trust attorneys. I provide the tools and group coaching you need to get control of your legal situation without an attorney in your face. I have been through what you are facing, and that experience drove me to learn the loopholes (defects) in the attorney’s processes and procedures that rob the court of jurisdiction. I learned how to structure legal documents that will address the defects in the legal process. I have a private Facebook group where I communicate with group members who are using my documents and strategies. The real-time feedback on how attorneys are trying to avoid liability allows me to adjustments the lawsuit packages to close those doors the attorneys try and use. If you are ready to try a non-conventional strategy to get control of your legal situation, I have what you need.