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If The Judge Dismisses Your Jurisdiction Challenge/Affidavit Do This Now!

October 9, 2021
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You Violated My Due Process- I’M Suing You

Guy’s when you are using the jurisdictional challenge with an affidavit you missed critical steps if the judge dismissed your jurisdictional challenge. I mention in the instructional video the attorney will not be able to respond by counter-affidavit because they are lying. It is a non-response when the attorneys fail to respond within the time allowed by the Federal Rules Of Civil Procedures. You should never file your documents and wait for the judge to respond!

You should already have your motion to default already prepared to file when the time frame for the attorneys to respond expires. The judge has no legal authority to interfere until the parties have replied to the pleadings, at least this is how it should go if you were in a court with judicial authority. You are in an administrative court not connected to the constitution therefore they do not respect your rights unless you file a civil lawsuit to address the civil rights violations caused by the court rules and processes.

If the judge dismisses your jurisdictional challenge with an affidavit you should have in the lawsuit package that you need to file a lawsuit against the judge asap. When you have to smack the judge in the face you should file the reconsideration/ objection document to re-open the dispute. Then file your lawsuit against the judge, and recuse the judge. This will leave their vessel afloat out in the admiralty jurisdiction without a motor.

The strategy in this program is to use the first opportunity you get to attack the judge and turn the case into your rights being violated by the court processes and court rules. If you use this document properly you will be able to control the court process, file a lawsuit against the judge to stop the court process, and put you in control. We never plan on having the judge rule on anything!

Once you jam up the state court judge you can object to a new state court judge due to a conflict of interest, so you will be able to use the removal document to move their foreclosure case (if you filed as a counter-claim in their case) over to the Federal court. If you filed a new lawsuit in the state court you will be able to move it over to the federal court without paying any more fees. Take control and make the judge have to deny your motion of default and you will be able to use the court record in the state court as evidence to show the state court judge tool jurisdiction without legal authority. This is what my program is all about and why I don’t need to hear all the stuff some folks think is important. In this program, you will be addressing your rights that were violated by the judge, the court processes, and the rules. If the judge ain’t pissed you will need to start packing!

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I am the creator of advocates for Justice Paralegal Service to offer an affordable legal option to folks who do not trust attorneys. I provide the tools and group coaching you need to get control of your legal situation without an attorney in your face. I have been through what you are facing, and that experience drove me to learn the loopholes (defects) in the attorney’s processes and procedures that rob the court of jurisdiction. I learned how to structure legal documents that will address the defects in the legal process. I have a private Facebook group where I communicate with group members who are using my documents and strategies. The real-time feedback on how attorneys are trying to avoid liability allows me to adjustments the lawsuit packages to close those doors the attorneys try and use. If you are ready to try a non-conventional strategy to get control of your legal situation, I have what you need.