I have a no-refund policy

After you receive the educational material’s download file at checkout. When you click on the download, you agree to contract with my business and pay for the educational material in the download. When you contact the credit card company to receive a refund after receiving the academic download, you will breach the contract and lose privacy rights to your personal information. In my video, I will use your name, home address, and other personal information to show others what will happen when you scam me. If you scam me, I will file a lawsuit against you for breach of contract and place a lien against your property and assets. If you are considering investing in my program, please do your homework. You have free access to the instructional videos on my YouTube channel, where I open each document in the lawsuit package and review the facts you must know before you file the legal documents. My contact information is on my website. Please ask me any questions not covered in the instructional videos.

Please do your homework— no refunds after you open the download of educational materials.

If you have a problem with your lawsuit package, please contact me ASAP!

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