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Introducing the Marriage Dissolution Legal Package:

Seize control of ending your marriage while safeguarding your savings and avoiding biased decisions. Challenge the validity of your marriage license and dissolve your marriage without your ex’s consent. Enhanced with the 42 USC 1983 Lawsuit to address due process civil rights violations. Break free from the municipal court money machine and speak up!

How It Works:

Challenge the license validity due to incomplete state disclosure. Legally dissolve the marriage using the state’s process. End your marriage without your ex’s signature, an attorney, a court hearing, or a judge. Avoid draining bank accounts for attorney fees and court costs.

What You Get:

Marriage Dissolution Document. Notice of Marriage Dissolution 42 USC 1983 Civil Lawsuit. Legal Malpractice Lawsuit Document. Affidavit of State Citizenship.


Introducing the Marriage Dissolution DIY Legal Package:

End your marriage without your ex-spouse’s signature using our revolutionary Marriage Dissolution Package. You’ll receive the necessary document to place in the public record, mimicking the government’s process, without mentioning the word “divorce.”


No need for the ex-spouse’s signature or involvement of attorneys, court, or judge. Avoid draining your bank account on attorney fees and court costs. Legal dissolution without court hearings. Take action now for only $200.00 for a limited time.


Includes a lawsuit document to use if the clerk refuses to place your dissolution in the public record. Watch our Marriage Dissolution Video for guidance. Move on with your life, even if your ex is unreachable. Once filed, your dissolution will be legally recognized and displayed on the state’s website.

Invest in this package and start anew today!