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Enhanced Legal Package – Your Strategic Advantage!
Unveiling our upgraded legal arsenal:

  1. Demand to Strike Notice of Appearance: Challenges attorney’s status under the Foreign Agent Registration Act, revealing potential fraud.
  2. Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) Against Municipal Court: Blocks federal funding if due process or constitutional rights are violated.
  3. Notice of Recusal: Shifts the case to state court, emphasizing shared liability for negotiation leverage.

Mortgage Fraud Foreclosure Lawsuit Overview:

  • Exposes illegalities in the mortgage loan process and due process violations.
  • Focuses on six missing elements, revealing discrepancies in adherence to federal banking laws.
  • A strategic approach compels judges and attorneys to reconsider, avoiding political repercussions.

Your Strategic Advantage in Legal Battles!

Discover the difference with our Mortgage Fraud Foreclosure DIY Lawsuit Package:

Proven Success: Originally used in our online course, now available as a package post-teachable.com termination.

Stop Judicial and Non-Judicial Foreclosure: Learn to halt the state court process by involving the state, judge, and attorney in your lawsuit.

Real Estate Deed Fraud Focus: Address the failure to deliver your property deed, mandated by state statutes, exposing due process violations.

Non-Conventional Legal Strategies: Practical, skill-based tools and coaching to shift you from being a defendant to taking control of your legal situation.

Tools Attorneys Fear: Equip yourself with the tools that make attorneys uneasy, turning your defense into a proactive legal stance.

For Property Investors:
Defend rental properties against illegal foreclosures or property tax processes. Learn to stop the state court process and safeguard your investments.

Program Highlights:

Loopholes in attorney processes violating your rights.
Strategies to take control of the attorney’s foreclosure case in state court before filing in federal court.
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