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The mortgage fraud foreclosure lawsuit

This lawsuit package was structured to address the path the mortgage fraud traveled, for instance in this lawsuit you are claiming six things are missing from the contract the attorneys filed in foreclosure court. One of the six missing things is you are claiming you and the bank agreed to do the mortgage deal according to the G. A. P.P. accounting principles.

The attorneys cannot argue that because they did not do the mortgage loan according to the GAPP accounting principles (federal law), and they can’t admit that they did do the mortgage deal by the GAPP accounting principles because they did not, and admission would be an admission of violating federal banking laws.

The six missing items address the fraudulent path of the alleged mortgage loan. The strategy of this game plan is to force the judge to make the attorney walk away because if the judge ruled either on my lawsuit it would be political suicide. We have learned to never argue their lies in their court. This strategy is to file a lawsuit in federal court against the state because the state committed real estate deed fraud when they failed to deliver your property deed as mandated by the state’s property transfer statutes. We add the judge because the judge signed onto the case without an injured party, which means you are in an administrative court where you have no due process. Also of legal issue is the fact the state court judge is paid by the state and therefore has a conflict of interest. We have a non-conventional strategy where we add the corporation that is bankrolling the real estate deed fraud property scam to the federal lawsuit.

This game plan will force attorneys to come up with the original document of indebtedness to validate their claim. The bigger problem the players face is the judge committing political suicide with a ruling for or against them. The federal judge will be aware of the beatdown you gave the state court players and should be mindful of the efficiency of your legal team.

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Mortgage Fraud Lawsuit Package: What Makes Us Different.

The mortgage fraud foreclosure lawsuit is what we used in the online course before terminated my online courses after I posted a review video on my teachable sales page of a legal coach’s review about how she helped some folks get their deed removed and delivered to their home. I made the lawsuit from the online course available as a lawsuit package so folks would have access to it while my new online course website is under construction. If you would like to see the documents or information about this lawsuit package please search my YouTube channel for online course videos and instructional videos for the online course.

We structured the mortgage fraud lawsuit package to stop judicial foreclosure and non-judicial foreclosure. In this pro-se legal school, you will learn how to stop the state court process by adding the state, the judge, and the attorney to your state lawsuit. This will stop the state court process and give you control of the situation.

Your new lawsuit will address the real estate deed fraud that was accused when the state-paid players failed to deliver your property deed as mandated by the state’s property transfer statutes the judge is there to enforce. There is no law that mandates property owners must record their deeds in anyone’s office, and the recording of the property deed allowed the first illegal lien to be filed against your property. That illegal lien was the mortgage lien, and the reason was illegal is, because, think of it this way, if there were several owners of a property before a lien can be legal all of the property owners would need to be present to sign right?

So the fact the alleged lender accepted your signature on the lien proves you already owned the property, and that due process violation allowed the state players to line you up in their administrative court to be violated once again.

We provide practical, skill-based non-conventional legal strategies, tools, and online coaching you need to take control of your legal situation today. In my program, you will not be the defendant. Enroll now and get access to all the legal documents you need to stop the foreclosure and sue the attorney attacking your property. You will have free and unlimited access to all the lectures, PDFs, and over 500+ – Youtube Legal Training Videos.

This lawsuit package will provide you with what the attorneys fear most and you will get the tools to make that fear a reality.

Property Investors:

Property investors are using these courses to defend their rental properties from the state’s illegal foreclosure or property tax foreclosure process. Learn how to stop the illegal state court process and protect your property today.

This program could be the most important foreclosure defense breakthrough ever discovered.

You will learn about the loopholes (defects) in the attorney processes and procedures that violate your right and obstruct the administration of justice. I will teach you how to attack and take control of the attorney’s foreclosure case in state court before you file your lawsuit in federal court.

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