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February 20, 2022
A judge sitting at his desk with papers and gavel.

You Are Doing Great If The Judge Is Grumpy!

The Foreclosure Judge And Attorneys Requested A Continuance:

The attorneys in my sister’s foreclosure she moved over to the federal court have requested a continuance past the time to request extra time. The state attorney is representing his fellow employee (pro-se) in violation of the court rules. William H. Meyer has not passed the federal b.a.r. and does not have a license to practice in the federal court. The federal court clerk is allowing the attorney to bypass the court rules they are forcing my sister to follow. The judge we filed a claim against hired a federal attorney and requested a continuance to answer. William H. Meyer claimed the state court judge filed to dismiss the claim against her, as well as the state b.a.r. association but we have not been provided with copies of such.

They Have A New Game Plan:

The foreclosure judge has a new game plan, however, we are not worried about their new plan. One of my coaches told me one day, “we were not worried about their game plan because if we are doing our job they will be getting their asses kicked!â€

We are going to file my 42 USC 1983 lawsuit as a notice of claim against the federal court clerk, and attorney William H. Meyer in the federal court. We will file a “Judicial Notice†of administrative facts. This will block them from objecting to the filing, and I would place your documents in the public record before filing them in court. I would serve the parties just like it was the lawsuit to earn their full respect.

Turn The Pack Against The Lead Wolf:

We will inform the court and the parties if this claim is filed the lawsuits against the judge, and the other attorney’s assets will be dismissed in the interest of justice and preserving the court’s resources. It appears William H. Meyer has been lying to the foreclosure judge and everyone including the federal court, so he should be liable for his illegal actions personally and solo. Now all the fellow wolves can put some fire under William Meyer’s ass to get that property deed delivered. We are going in with a low money offer to make the wolfs salivate and put more pressure on the lead wolf. Now the lead wolf will see how it feels to be sued for his property!

I love my Job!

Check out what we are throwing on the table!

Demand For Judgement:

The plaintiff demands the court to grant judgment for:

1. 50,000 Dollars, in compensatory, punitive, and future damages.

2. Oder the State to deliver the plaintiff’s original property deed to her house as mandated by the real estate transfer statutes and remove the plaintiff’s property information from the state’s database.

3. Grant William H. Meyer’s assets over to the plaintiff (home, bank accounts, vacation properties, investments) and any assets not mentioned here.

4. Revoke William H. Meyer’s license to practice law for an indefinite period.

5. If the plaintiff is forced to file this as a claim plaintiff will dismiss her prior claim against the state court judge, and Zevitiz’s property. It appears attorney William H. Meyer is responsible for lying to everyone involved in this case.

6. William Meyer is the problem here and should be liable solo.

This is the link to the 42 USC 1983 Foreclosure Lawsuit package: https://winincourtnow.com/product/42-usc-1983-foreclosure-defense-civil-rights-lawsuit-package/

This Link Is To The Credit Card Lawsuit Package:https://foreclosuredef.samcart.com/products/credit-card-defense-lawsuit-package

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