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Updates To The Eliminate Property Tax Lawsuit Package.

April 29, 2021

If you need the eliminate property tax lawsuit package it is on sale for half price (699.00).

This package is being updated to include the new document you need to block the sale. I will include the new lawsuit package you need to attack the corporation that is going to try and sell your property. In this package, you have everything you need to force them to remove your deed from their office and return it to you as mandated in the state real estate deed transfer laws.

Now, what makes this package special is you will serve the county your notice of claim letter for 5.5 million dollars, demanding they remove your deed and information from their database. Your property tax is initiated by registering your property deed in the county recorder’s office. No law forces you to register your property in their office. They tricked you!!!!!

Most people using this package never go to court because no law forces you to register your property deed in their office, so they have no legal ground to refuse your demand to have your deed returned and your property information removed from their records.

So, you can see this package has tremendous value if you are a property investor, just think how much income would remain in your bank account after getting control of your deed. Now you no longer must put up with the city’s cities, zone, and code harassment- enforcement. 


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I am the creator of advocates for Justice Paralegal Service to offer an affordable legal option to folks who do not trust attorneys. I provide the tools and group coaching you need to get control of your legal situation without an attorney in your face. I have been through what you are facing, and that experience drove me to learn the loopholes (defects) in the attorney’s processes and procedures that rob the court of jurisdiction. I learned how to structure legal documents that will address the defects in the legal process. I have a private Facebook group where I communicate with group members who are using my documents and strategies. The real-time feedback on how attorneys are trying to avoid liability allows me to adjustments the lawsuit packages to close those doors the attorneys try and use. If you are ready to try a non-conventional strategy to get control of your legal situation, I have what you need.