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Challenge Your Property Taxes!

This all-inclusive package provides the tools and documents you need to potentially fight unfair property taxes.

What’s Included:
Notice of Claim Letter
Lawsuits (Federal & State)
Instructional Videos
Re-Open Past Tax Lien Options (up to 15 years)
Stop Tax Lien Foreclosure & Eviction
Challenge Illegal Mortgage Payments
Fight Tax Collection in Federal Court
Control the Court Process (if already in court)
Take Action Now!

Research Your Needs
Watch Instructional Videos
Invest in the Package (link can be provided)
Follow Easy-to-Follow Steps

The NEW Stop Property Tax Lawsuit Package: Fight Back & Take Control!

Empower Yourself & Fight Unfair Property Taxes!

This upgraded package equips you to challenge excessive property taxes and potential eviction.

New & Improved: Block Unfair Practices!

The New TRO: This powerful tool can halt state funding if your due process rights or 5th Amendment protections are violated. Fight Even After Tax Lien Foreclosure: This package now includes resources to fight back even if your property was already sold.

Dominate the Battlefield:

Instructional Videos: Learn to personalize legal documents and develop a winning strategy. Challenge Deed Transfer Violations: Demand the delivery of your property deed, a legal requirement often overlooked.

Comprehensive Resources:

Notice of Claim Letter: Initiate the legal process. $5.5 Million “Tax” Lawsuit Package: Fight for significant compensation. Notice of Removal: Block the state court eviction process. Demand to Strike Attorney Notice of Appearance (Optional): Challenge the attorney’s qualifications if applicable. And More! Access additional resources like affidavits, motions, and cheat sheets.

Take Action Today!

Invest in this comprehensive package to:

Force compliance with real estate deed transfer laws. Hold the city accountable to the Constitution. Stop tax lien foreclosures and evictions. Block tax lien sales.

Take control of your property tax situation today!


  1. Joyce Decormier

    ” I am so excited, I just got started with this Battle, and believe I will win!! Of course with Guy’s sincere assistance and a program that really says it all! Nothing out there yet, can compare. All of his work is not only comprehensive and thorough but RIGHT on a DIME!! I knew enough about his type of work, after reading his Court Papers to know, this HAS to Work!! I have been involved with other groups, and a lot of what he has is right on, just never put towards the Attorneys who are the culprit! Extremely IMPRESSED!! ”

    – Joyce Decormier, Senior Property Management

  2. Saim

    ” I bought the Property Tax Lawsuit package from Guy. I had just a few days to respond to the Tax lien foreclosure. I must say that this package contains documents that you would need to fight the crooked courts and counties that are stealing your money through unlawful taxation. And this is what you are telling these crooks. That what they are doing is illegal and with this package, you are putting them on the check. There is a Notice of Claim to give them the opportunity to cure, but there is also a Civil Lawsuit in Federal court for violation of your civil rights for 5.5 million U.S. Dollars. That should scare them into submission. You will understand better the package if you have background info of the U.S.A. Corporation Vs the U.S. Republic. But even if you have no background and you follow instructions, the counties and courts will know the powerful defense you have in your hand. I recommend this package to anybody who wants to stop the theft of these crooks from taking your many with unlawful property taxation. “

  3. James david

    “I put the Lawsuit from State Court in, along with My Affidavit of State Citizenship and Affidavit of Special Appearance.

    The Judge Did not let me speak, he asked the opposing attorney who wrote the petition if you had a deed for the property on the record and he said No.

    The judge dismissed the case, told me I was free to go. The judge said the attorney needed to start the eviction process all over again. Now that gives me time to move to Federal Court.

    I was in tears!!!

    I can stay at my house!!!

    Thanks so, my Coach!!!”

    Win VictoryGuy Neighbors 

    A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO The Real Deal Coach Guy Neighbors. Facebook family and friends let me tell you I am old (but only 62 young) very slow at times but let me tell you the Coach lit a fire under my ass and man I took off running like a professional track star. But on a more serious note folks, the Coach came through for me with these thieving house stealing folks!! His strategies and instructional video have proven to work like no other. NO, HE IS NOT A LAWYER, YES HE TEACHES HOW TO FIGHT, NO HE IS NO JOKE and YES, IN THE END, HE PROVES HE IS THERE TO HELP YOU BUT YOU GOTTA DO THE WORK!! I have a long way to go but at least I am in the race now. Thanks, Coach couldn’t have done it without you.

  4. Marisa Belleci

    Hi Coach,
    Thanks again for taking my call!
    And, thank you for the instructional videos & amazing package content getting me to federal court. You are a gift from God. I really mean that.  I will find the original google review and send it to you today.  Also, I’ll write another review later today.  need to go now…
    May this be your Happiest New Year ever!
    -Marisa Belleci

  5. Dee Reed

    Hi, I’m Dee I invested in Coach Neighbor’s 42 USC Sec 18 Civil Rights Package I have a Personal Injury Claim I’m using the Package to stop the Attorneys in their tracks and now I’m winning my case. 

    Thanks, Coach Neighbors

    Dee Reed

  6. Tom Florence

    Hey, I stopped the eviction process… well… I paused it and I got me some time all from your advice. I wanted to say thank you. I still don’t have the cash to buy your package… but I should real soon. I just wanted to tell you to thank you.

  7. Rick Cox

    I am extremely grateful for everything Advocates for Justice Paralegal service has done. Coach Neighbors is truly a caring person, and the courses he has created are perfect for the problems people are facing during this pandemic. With moratoriums ending and evictions and foreclosure poised to skyrocket, people need help, they need answers to solve their situations. The packages and the online course are so crucial for our survival in these times. The online course is detailed, comprehensive, and thorough! I am truly happy I found Coach Neighbors!!

  8. Linda Dunn

    Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    This man Guy gave me more useful information than any Attorney. I have purchased one of his packages and it DOES work. I sent him emails and each time he answers them with little or no delay. Thank you Guy

  9. GBos

    I highly recommend Coach Guy and his services. His packages are affordable and make the lawyers “go and sit the hell down”!!

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