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Move Attorneys Foreclosure Over To Federal Court And Mess Them Up Good!

November 1, 2021
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You Don’t Have To Win-You Only Have To Stay In The Ring- Or Move The Ring!

Guys if you filed your lawsuit against the state court judge in the state court proceedings you can move the attorney’s state court foreclosure over to the federal court. You will move their state court case because all other state court judges will have a conflict of interest.

All you must do is Google: how to move a state court case over to federal court” When you find the statute for moving the case for your state you should paste it in your “notice of removal” document in your lawsuit package.

Moving The State Case:

When you move a state case to the federal court you must fully understand the statute for moving the case to prevent them from filling your head with lies about why they can’t file your document. You must file a removal document in federal court along with a copy of the original petition the attorney filed against your property.

They will try and discourage you so you should tell them the state court clerk supervisor said the federal court would not have a problem filling this without any fees!

Lie to them as they do to you make the federal clerk think the state clerk is helping you get this filed! lol.

Remember your argument is, you are suing the state court judge and players so in the interest of justice you need to move their foreclosure over to the federal court.

Once you have the removal document file-stamped in the federal court you must send (and make them sign) to the judge, and the clerk, and make them both sign to verify they received it.

Now the state court has No jurisdiction to continue.

Use The Federal Court To Control The State Court:

When you get to this point in the process you will use the federal court restraining order to control the state court process and players. You will also be in a position to demand the federal court terminate the state court foreclosure with prejudice because the attorney who filed does not have an injured party of the original contract to verify there was a contract and what the terms of the contract were. You will also demand judgment in full from the federal court judge.

I would also demand the federal judge order the attorney to remove your property deed and deliver the original it to you as mandated in the state real estate property transfer laws.

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