Non-Judicial Foreclosure Defense Lawsuit Package


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We Provide Comprehensive Non-Judicial Foreclosure Lawsuit Packages That Will Stop The State Court Process.

Non-Judicial Foreclosure Defense Lawsuit Package will stop the court process by filing your lawsuit against the state, the judge, and the attorney who are all working together to steal your property.

The state is foreclosing on you hiding behind the alleged lender and behind the sub-agencies licensed by the state to help get you off their property.

Now the main reason I claim the state is the corporation stealing your property is that the state judge is the person giving your property to their fellow B.A.R. members.

The question of the day is who pays the state court judge?

Mortgage Deed Fraud:

Now if the state is in control of your property deed, and hires a person to grant them your property that would be illegal right?

Conflict of Interest:

Would the state court judge have a conflict of interest ruling in a foreclosure case where the corporation that is paying him is also in control of the property deed?

What Will Happen When You File Your Lawsuit In Federal:

When you file your lawsuit in federal court against the state, the judge, and the attorneys you will trump their illegal state court process and stop their state foreclosure case. I would place your lawsuit in the public record before you file it in federal court. Now you can contact the state for their insurance carrier’s contact information so you can go over these people’s heads.

Cost The Parties Money:

You will force them all to hire federal attorneys and cost them money and time answering your documents in federal court.

Court Strategy:

Click Buy Now To Get:

  1. you will get the lawsuit packages you need to file your title dispute (lawsuit) in federal court.
  2.  You will get free of charge the State Citizenship Package a 300.00 value.
  3.  You will have unlimited access to over 280- Legal Training videos on my YouTube channel.
  4. Coaching via Facebook Messenger.

In this program, you will learn how to have some fun harassing the b. a. r. members. Most importantly you will learn how to stop the foreclosure yourself.


  1. The 5.5 Million Dollar Lawsuit For Judicial Wrongful Foreclosure.
  2. Non- Judicial Restraining Order/ Injunction.
  3. New Entry of Appearance.
  4. Civil Cover Sheet Answers.
  5. Objection and Notice Of Removal -To Move The Case To Federal Court.
  6. An Affidavit Template.
  7. Cease And Desist Letter.
  8. Notice of Default Document.
  9. Motion For Sanctions.
  10. You, Will, Receive The Jurisdictional Challenge With An Affidavit A 850.00 value. (6-documents).
  11. You Will Also Receive The Magistrate Reconsideration Lawsuit Package A 900.00 value.
  12. You Will Receive Group Coaching From My Personal Facebook Messenger Page.


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Non-Judicial Foreclosure Defense Lawsuit Package Are You Ready To Fight!

This affordable program could be the most important foreclosure defense breakthrough ever discovered. In a Non-judicial foreclosure defense strategy, one must have a game plan to get in court before the eviction process. In the non-judicial conventional program, your house is illegally sold within 30-days and the only way you can stop it is to file your lawsuit in federal court.

Non-Judicial Foreclosure Defense Take The First Step:

Take the first step toward stopping the non-judicial foreclosure and become more competent, confident in stopping attorneys from stealing your property or money. The principles you learn can be used in other situations where you are being attacked by B.A.R. members in court. This affordable program could be the most important foreclosure defense breakthrough ever discovered.

Invest In This Non-Judicial Package To Get The Documents You Need To: 

  1. Stop The Foreclosure Process Without An Attorney.
  2. Block The Eviction Process.
  3. Sue The Attorney For 5.5 Million Dollars.
  4. Have the Legal Documents You Need To Sue The Judge When She Violates Your Rights.
  5. Take Control And Force The Attorney To Answer To Your Federal Lawsuit.
  6.  Have Access To Over 180 Non- Conventional Foreclosure Defense YouTube Videos.
  7. Learn How To Defens Your Rental Properties Facing Foreclosure.
  8. Stop The Cities Harassment Of Your Short Term Rental Properties.

This 850.00 package is reduced to $400.00 for a limited time.

Please watch the instructional video below and learn the strategies behind using the documents in the package.

I will teach you how to have some fun!

Thanks for investing in my program.

Watch the instructional video for the lawsuit package you need to stop your crisis.

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