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December 17, 2023

This is a review of my new service of helping people who won a judgment and were screwed in the end when the judge awarded the attorneys you paid to help you, your part of the judgment. In this case, this person ended up with nothing after the judge used a statute to give the rest of her judgment to the attorney, she hired to help her sue the players. Now this fighter is using the new “Crush the judge’s immunity” lawsuit to address judges’ illegal assistance. The judge is being attacked in the state court for the fake Municipal court ruling. The municipal court is faced with and gets its jurisdiction from the city ordinance. When I read that in the court clerk’s manual, I was blown d away! How the hell can a corporation give its self-judicial authority?

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Coach Neighbors

I am the creator of advocates for Justice Paralegal Service to offer an affordable legal option to folks who do not trust attorneys. I provide the tools and group coaching you need to get control of your legal situation without an attorney in your face. I have been through what you are facing, and that experience drove me to learn the loopholes (defects) in the attorney’s processes and procedures that rob the court of jurisdiction. I learned how to structure legal documents that will address the defects in the legal process. I have a private Facebook group where I communicate with group members who are using my documents and strategies. The real-time feedback on how attorneys are trying to avoid liability allows me to adjustments the lawsuit packages to close those doors the attorneys try and use. If you are ready to try a non-conventional strategy to get control of your legal situation, I have what you need.