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November 11, 2023

Stopping the foreclosure eviction process is just one click away. We have learned the hard way that we must file two lawsuits to get the eviction process stopped. We learned that we must stop the state court process before we file the federal lawsuit, otherwise the players from each court conspire to stall your federal court case. While the players are stalling, they move you up to the front of the line to be evicted. We have learned through real-time feedback from my legal coaching group that we must crush the state court players before we file in the federal court. To do this we have been filing your federal lawsuit in the state court, not the eviction court or Municiple court.

Filing The 42 USC 1983 Lawsuit Package in The State Court

We file the 42 USC 1983 lawsuit in the state court against the mortgage fraud players, and the eviction court players. The players hate it and whine about it, but they can to a dam thing about it because filing federal case law in the state court is no different than filing Supreme court case law in the federal or state court. This strategy also will moot anything they filed in the state case because you cannot file state case law to address federal or Supreme court case law.

The goal is not to litigate anything on the state level. The goal is to crush their process by adding the players to the illegal action as defendants. B. A. R. members are not allowed to litigate a case they are a party to, they cannot represent themselves because they are considered corporations, and they cannot represent each other!

The Attorneys Number One Job Is To Protect The Judge

The attorney’s number one job is to protect the Judge, and the judge’s number one job is to protect the state who is bank rolling and licensing the state players to take your property, and the state structured the process for the state’s employees to use to do their illegal legal deed fraud legal corruption. We attack the state, who committed real estate deed fraud to start the mortgage fraud process.

The First Illegal Lien Placed Against Your Property:

The state registered your deed in their office, and that registration allowed the first illegal lien to be placed on your property. Think of it in this way, if several people owned property all of the owners would have to be present to sign the mortgage lien right? So, the fact the players accepted your signature on the mortgage lien proved you already owned the property and I smell stink!

The Goal:

The goal is to blow up their illegal state process, drag their happy asses over to the federal court, and demand the federal judge order the state players to the settlement table. The state players will not be able to respond be able to your stake court beat down, so they have no standing to respond to your federal claim. The state court judge will be forced to recuse themselves, and or hire an attorney if they chose to move forward with fighting your claim, oh wait, the judge will have to hire an attorney to manage responding to your federal lawsuit.

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